Choices for shopping in Malaysia is getting better and better! Last two months, I heard that Sephora is coming. And recently, I heard Uniqlo is coming to Malaysia too- next month! I love Uniqlo clothing. They are affordable, functional and of good quality. Prior to my winter trip, I asked for recommendation on what to wear. The trip was in mid-winter, and at the beginning of the season, it was reported as the worst winter in many years, I was really worried. I’m also not familiar with Europe climate, though I lived several years abroad, it was a very long ago. My college junior who has been living in Bristol more than five years recommended me to try Uniqlo HeatTech.

The Uniqlo HeatTech

So of I went all the way to Singapore to get them as that is the nearest shop.  Two of my favourite HeatTech items are their turtleneck and fleece jacket.

heattech uniqlo
HeatTech Functionalities

I wore the turtleneck as inner layer, and fleece jacket underneath the most outer layer. The most-outer jacket was borrowed from my sister, so I didn’t have to spend on a jacket that I will only wear for two weeks.  Saving (yeay!)

The turtleneck HeatTech is very thin so it saves a lot of storage space when packing. However, due to the extreme winter reported that year and probably I didn’t wear a good winter shoe and I chose thinner outer jacket from my sister, it was relatively thin (that was what my sister told me when I returned), that I needed at least two layers of Uniqlo HeatTech turtleneck underneath, and luckily they are not bulky. Three others in the trip wore it too and they were just okay with their HeatTech! So, do note to always get a good winter shoe, it makes a lot of different to your entire body when you wear good shoe versus bad shoes.

uniqlo turtleneck
Many colour options


Other than HeatTech, there are other products range and not only tops. They have trousers, leggings, jacket, jeans, scarves, T-shirt, blouse, skirts, dress, hats, socks, flip-flops and even innerwear.

Uniqlo has men clothing as well. It is one of the clothing brands that I can go out shopping with my boyfriend and he enjoys it as much as I do, as the design is simple, basic and clean.

Lets go when the shop is opened!



  1. Ha kannnnn?? Best kan.. kat sini mmg murah la kak nina.. taktau la kat Malaysia nanti cemana.. kalau dah sampai sama harga dgn Gap, mmg tak worth it la

  2. Selalu gitu kannnn. Especially Zara, Topshop, and the gang. Hari tu kat Singapore after conversion to ringgit takla murah macam in euro… tapi still relatively a bit cheaper than Gap and Zara

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