It was the second time my husband and I come to Rome. On the last evening in Rome before flight to Malaysia on the next day, I thought of buying some Italian coffee beans to bring home. It was drizzling when my husband and I was looking for a mercato. So we stopped outside one of the hotel lobby in Via Veneto.

While waiting for the rain to stop, and killing the time, we thought we’d better call our taxi and settle our logistic arrangement to the airport tomorrow. We tried calling the taxi driver which we got his number when we first arrived in Rome, but could not get him. The taxi was a sharing mini van and we had to stop at three locations before we arrived at our hotel. By the time we arrived, it was already dark. So we couldn’t do much on that first day. We just went to Hard Rock Cafe to get t-shirts our friends ordered.

So, anyway, we waited further for the rain to stop and we happened to chat with a public limousine driver outside the hotel lobby. Told him that we were going to airport tomorrow and couldn’t get the taxi we planned to take. He offered a fare of an additional 5 euro from the sharing mini-van which we planned to take. Oh well, I thought it was going to be our last day of holiday, so why not splurge.  It was quite a good bargain as its personal ride, not sharing, so the limo won’t stop anywhere else to take other passengers.

Then, we told him that we wanted to buy some coffee beans. Probably Illy or Lavazza (both are relatively expensive in Malaysia)- my husband said. Angelo (the driver) laughed, said in his Italian tone and hand gestures – “Illy no good! You want good coffee let me bring you, the best coffee in the world!” Then he said he could get us there and we agreed. We thought, hey why not. So, Angelo called up the caffe to confirm that it is still open as it was almost closing time on that day. He even mentioned he’s bringing two guest who want to buy 2 kilos of coffeebeans. LOL.

I thought we had one good comfy (and short) limo ride from Via Veneto until right in front of the piazza at The Pantheon. I was surprised that Angelo parked right in the middle of the piazza!

At Tazza D’oro

So of we went to Tazza d’Oro, ordered two kilos of coffee beans, requested to put them into three separate packets, and ordered a cappuccino for me and espresso for my husband. I thought that Italian custom says no cappuccino after 12noon, but I guess it was forgiven this time. Wished I ordered an espresso instead. May be on the next trip  . The coffee was definitely a lot better than Illy.

Tazza D'Oro Rome Pantheon

The shop also sells pastries and sweets. I read somewhere that the shop can be pretty crowded. It was okay when we were there. Probably it was almost to closing time, not many people were inside.

Nowadays, husband is crazy about Tazza d’Oro coffee!  When we got home, two of his friends happened to be in italy… so he ordered from  them one kilo each! Tazza d’Oro gonna be in my must-go list when I go to Rome again. We will come back Rome! We will come back Tazza d’Oro!

Tazza DOro Rome

Some information for you:

1. A Shared transfer in minivan from Fiumicino airport to Rome city center (or vice versa) is approximately 21euro++ per person. For the two os us was 45euro.

2. Tazza d’Oro is known as the best italian coffee in the world.

3. To get to Tazza d’Oro, you gotta walk further up ( 1 o’clock direction when The Pantheon entrance is on your back). Husband and I went to Rome twice and we walked in front of The Panteon on daily basis when we were there, but didn’t noticed this coffee shop before until Angelo brought us there. The location is great but always missed it somehow due to its position. So if you are in the area, try to look around. This is something you don’t want to skip!


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