I started the day really early to catch a 7am AirAsia flight at the LCCT Airport (Low-cost Carrier Terminal). Left the house at 4am, then took the 4.30am bus from KL Sentral to the Airport in Sepang. Bus journey was approximately an hour. Upon arriving at LCCT, I checked in at 6am, joined Azura, who introduced me to another two members of the trip – Kemal and Ayu. We had breakfast together before the 50 minutes flight to Kuala Terengganu airport. From airport, we went to Merang jetty by cab, before taking a boat to D Coconut Lagoon Resort in Lang Tengah island . We did not pre-book the cab, just get a taxi coupon at the airport. Really easy, just like at LCCT or KLIA.

From Merang Jetty to Lang Tengah Island by Boat

We reached Merang  jetty at around 9am. As our boat schedule to the island was in the next two hours, we had plenty of time to visit the surrounding area. If you come here, and happen to forget to bring necessities like hat, swim suit or extra t-shirts, you can get them at these stalls.

merang jetty
One of the stalls at jetty area

There was a small cafe too, so we hang out at the cafe. At around 10am, Ija and Ahtuck arrived by car from Kuantan. It was the first time I met them.

Boat Transfer from Merang Jetty to Lang Tengah Island

Our boat transfer to the island resort was included in the package. It was an enjoyable 45 minutes boat ride.

merang boat transfer
This is the type of speedboat for boat transfer

Arriving  at The Resort

We finally reached D’coconut Lagoon Resort at almost 12noon,  The beach was stunning! The resort was stunning! Felt really excited and a sense of satisfaction with our decision to come here.

Pulau Lang Tengah
Beach at D’Coconut Resort. As we arrived, another group was just leaving

Lunch at D’Coconut Lagoon Resort

We lunch, and marvel at the place, until 2pm. We chose a package that has include meals. It was more economical this way, than getting it separately. Besides, there is no other eating places on the island except resorts restaurants – D’Coconut Lagoon, Lang Sari Resort, and Redang Lang Resort, and these are the only three operating resort.

I felt really sleepy from the lack of sleep the day before, so Azura and I took a nap afterwards. The rest continued to hang out.

dining d coconut lagoon
Dining hall located at resort east wing and facing swimming pool and beach
lang tengah package
Lunch was a simple buffet

Our Room

If anyone were to ask me about the room, I’d say, its interior was not much to shout about, it was basic, just enough. It’s fixtures and fittings was not of really great quality though, for a three star island resort (example: PVC head pipe for a three star resort). Anyhow, not exactly a big deal to me as I hardly spend time in the room though it would be a nice gestures to guest if the overall condition were better.

d coconut lagoon room
The breathtaking view from our room

At 3.30pm, Azura and I went to the pool area. Found that Kemal, Ayu, Ija and Ahtuck already officiate the swimming pool at east wing. Then, we got ready for our first snorkelling trip and met our hosts – Don who is also the dive master and Crab.

While we were getting ready at the diving hut, I saw the pricing schedule of water activities. My eyes caught  a phrase “night diving”. Okay! I want to do that!  Don explained further that, you have to meet a few requirements to go to night diving, which are:

  1. Acquired a dive license
  2. Completed at least twenty dive trips.

Next time then, diving license is definitely in my to-do list, but not on this trip just yet (lol. Its okay to be ambitious ) .

Snorkeling Excursion

Our snorkelling trip started at 4pm. We snorkel at two locations. I forgot what was the name of the first one. While the second, was at an area called Purple Coral. It was near the Blue Coral Resort, which has closed its operation. Purple Coral was literally purple!

Lang Tengah
Snorkeling trip with other group
snorkeling malaysia
Beautiful island coast and sea colours at the snorkeling site

 Two Stunning Swimming Pools

When we returned to the resort, we jumped into the swimming pool right away! The view at pool was truly picturesque. It face the sea and just beside the dining hall and a row of rooms.

terengganu island resort
Swimming pool at the resort east wing

Then we went to the west wing. We had to pass a five to ten minutes trek to get there from east wing. There was an adequate lighting for night. West wing has more expensive rooms than east wing, with an infinity pool. We jumped into the pool, posed for more pictures, then had a walk by the beach enjoying the sunset view.

d coconut lagoon resort
The trek that connect the two resort wings
lang tengah d coconut
Infinity pool at the resort west wing
Terengganu island
Chilling at jacuzzi by the infinity pool
pulau lang tengah
Enjoying the sunset at west wing

Dinner was at 7.30pm. We dine, sat and chat at the dining hall, until 11pm. Azura and I went back to our room. The rest swam at swimming pool. One of the best part about this resort, is the swimming pools. Not many local island resort with less than four stars rating have swimming pool, yet this place has two, both are facing fantastic sea view and both are opened 24 hours. They add chlorine at every 8pm, and it’s safe to swim again at 11pm. However, there is no life guards on duty.

I slept at around 12midnight. Brought Angels & Demon to read, but did not read the book at all!

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