Pangkor Laut Resort is the resort that I always share and recommend to many,  for it’s value for money.  When I talk to travelers or tourist from other region, I recommended this resort as the destination to relax and catch a breather after all the tiring travel and exploration around the country, or around ASEAN or Asia. For Malaysian, the resort is ideal for weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur or for honeymoone, anniversary celebration, destination wedding, family getaway, babymoon! In fact, it’s also suitable for company retreat or team building. There are various activities to do.

There’s also a bungalow estate  besides the villas.

Vacation on this island  was one of the best local RNR experience I have ever been to. To this day, I always have a feeling that I want to repeat , but I think I will save it for future special occasion. Besides the RNR quality, the treatment at the resort is very personalize, felt like a VIP where everybody greet you by name. It’s a practice there to pay a lot of attention to details, like ensuring the room is cooled before guests get into their room for the first time.



The resort is a one-island one-resort concept located at Pangkor Island at the state of Perak, at north of Peninsular Malaysia. The nearest mainland town is Lumut, about 3-4 hours travel by land via PLUS highway.

kuala lumpur to pangkor laut
Kuala Lumpur to Lumut Town via PLUS highway


I went on the full board package, 3 days 2 night, for MYR2,200 (garden villa room for 2 nights, inclusive boat transfer, breakfast, lunch, dinner, jungle walk excursion). I booked directly from the resort website here. There are many packages available. The package we had is the one for Malaysian and its PR.  Though this is suitable for families, one thing to note is the age restriction for different types of rooms or villa.  For instance, the Spa Village only allows those above 16 years, while Sea Villa age restriction is above 12 years of age.



My husband and I got there by driving from Kuala Lumpur via the PLUS highway towards Lumut. Parked our car at a designated parking area provided by the resort, at Marina Island Jetty. The resort has an office at this jetty as a concierge area for guest registration and check-in, and as waiting area for guest to chill while waiting for speedboat to go to Pangkor Laut. The resort is about 15-30 minutes by speedboat from Marina Island Jetty.

One of the thing that I truly appreciate was we didn’t have to be worry about our luggage, in term of getting them into and out of the boat, or carrying them to room. Luggage handling by the resort starts from this point, they ensured our bags were ready in room by the time we check in.

Marina Island Jetty Pangkor
At Marina Island Jetty



When we arrived at Pangkor Laut Resort, I felt like a VIP, as the moment we touched our feet at the resort, everybody greeted us by name! I’ve never been to a resort where all crew knew my name.

We were assigned to a dedicated staff as single point of contact, in case we need any assistance should we want to request anything during our stay. Before check-in, the assigned staff briefed us about resort facilities, showed us a comprehensive map about the island, activities we can do, restaurants on the island, transportation around the island and so forth. As the island is a private island, there is no transport other than the resort’s own.

The island itself is 800 acres in area, but only a fraction of the island is developed into resort. Yet, it’s still rather big to be explored on foot. There are buggies and four wheel drive services that we can call to bring us anywhere on the island. ‘Phone booth’ is available all around the resort (more like a cabana).



First activity was culinary experience ^__^.

Before we got into our room, we had a lunch at Royal Bay Beach Club by the infinity pool, while waiting for our room to be ready. As we were getting a full board rate, all meals were inclusive. However, the options were not as many as compared to ala-carte menu. We chose the full board as the food here is very expensive, that one day meals can reach MYR 1000 for two persons if we opt for separate meal option .

All meals for full board include appetizer or salad, main dish, desserts and free flow drinks (water, coffee, tea), and there are 2 or 3 options for each food categories that we can choose from.

Pangkor Laut Resort
Lunch at Royal Bay Beach Club, by the infinity pool



Finally, we got into our room after the big lunch. Our room was already cooled, all luggage were ready in our room, and there was a welcoming fruit basket that comprise of local fruits.

Garden villa room size was huge, a 71 square meters, divided to four sections of:

  1. Balcony with a view of swimming pool, beach and garden. This beach however is not suitable for swimming. Beach for swimming is located at the other side of the island, called Emerald Bay
  2. Bed area- King bed, daybed and TV area (with Astro)
  3. Wardrobe area, vanity, fridge.
  4. Shower and bath area, with double sink.
Pangkor Laut Resort Garden Villa
Our villa from garden walkway
Pangkor laut garden villa
Inside of our room. Garden villa room
Garden villa Pangkor Laut view
Balcony view
Pangkor Laut Resort Garden Villa Review
View from room at dawn on the next day
Pangkor laut resort garden villa View from balcony at down
Before sunrise. View from balcony


As this was an RNR getaway, we purely relaxed. Relaxed in the room, relaxed at the pool and beach, eat, walked around the resort, explored the facilities, and repeat.

We explored the tower, hill villas and see the views from tower. Then went to the gym. I’m ashamed to admit that I did not workout at the gym! I just went to the gym to see how it looks like, and machines available. This was a very short stay, maybe I will work out the next time I come here and have a longer stay.

Before and after dinner on both days, we had a walk at sea villa area. Went to the library and walk around the public area and jetty before returning to our room.

On one of the nights, there was a surprise in our room. The room was lit up in soft lighting with nice air-conditioner setting, rose petals on bed in heart shape, and a complimentary wine.

Pangkor Laut resort
Chill by the infinity pool before sundown. Excuse my feet! This is the only ‘okay’ photo I could find. Took it to show off to my sister at home. Hehehe.


The beach for swimming is on the other side of the island called Emerald Bay, is seriously amazing! It has a complete package you want in a beach. The water is crystal clear, the sea colour is the colour of refreshing turquoise, soft sands, there are hammock at the beach under lush trees, the wind breeze was just nice, with many beach lounge chairs, clean beach, clean everything~. As the island is private for this resort, the beach is so private. There’s a bar to order food, drinks, and they provide free-flow mineral water. Nothing can get better than this!

Food portion at the bar of this beach (Chapman’s Bar) is huge! Imagine I ordered sweet sour fish with rice for one person for my lunch on day 2, they came with over one feet long fish. Just for me! ^__^

Pangkor Laut Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay Pangkor Laut Resort


1. Royal Bay Beach Club

Overlooking the infinity pool. We had lunch here on first day. We had tajine and couscous, burger and chips, sushi (appetizer), cheese cake (dessert), and coffee.

2. Uncle Lim’s Kitchen

Has a beautiful view. The restaurant is built by the beach side at the large-rocky area. We had dinner here for both of two nights stay as we loved the food. On second day, we came a bit early to get good table with a view. We had white rice accompanied by softshell crab, stir-fry prawn and kalian, steam fish. Desserts, fried banana with vanilla ice-cream and avocado cream. On second day, had white rice with butter prawn, calamansi chicken and stir-fry kalian Desserts were mango pudding and fresh fruits.

3. Feast Village

The dining area is open-concept with a view of the sea. We had breakfast here on both days. What I love most is the fruit juice, just choose fruits that you like, and bring to the juice counter.

4. Chapman’s Bar

This is the bar at Emerald Bay. Had lunch here on second day. We had pomelo salad, sweet sour fish with white rice, satay and peanut sauce, mamak fried noodle, sago gula Melaka as desserts.

Pangkor Laut resort review resident package
A walk after breakfast


In overall, this was a very nice and memorable vacation, that I will always cherish evernthough it was a short getaway.

I think three days and two nights were not enough. I plan to stay longer, next time! If you are planning to come hereI encourage to stay longer if possible.

My ultimate vacation at this resort is to rent the estate as a treat for my parents, siblings and families. I would rent one of the house at the estate, including a chef and rent a catamaran. One day. Dream is free!

I also would love to try other YTL resorts, as I heard great reviews about them, like the Tanjung Jara Resort and Gaya Island. Check here for the information about YTL resorts and hotel within Malaysia and International.


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