A week in Paris in the autumn  was a very last minute plan that I made two months prior. I felt I needed an RNR getaway. Like my other Europe trips, this was a free-and-easy type. Didn’t book any excursion or any tickets out of Paris. Booked items were just flight tickets and 5 nights accommodation. Many of the places that we went were actually repeats.

Here is post on “Why Paris is Always A Good Idea”  for me.


Hotel du Chemin Vert, located at 11 arrondissement. Total for 5 nights was €516.80 for standard double room, including continental breakfast and free WIFI. Read the review here.


This list is not according to sequence.

1. Marchè Bastille

One of Paris’ largest Parisian market. There are local produce, clothing, leather goods, fresh flowers, cheese, pastries, breads and small furniture. As it opens twice a week, we managed to go two times on this trip. We bought French pastries and bread, grapes (as they were in-season and cheap at this time), and had a dozen oysters. We tried oysters from two different stalls on respective days. I thought the first day/ stall was good already. The second time we had the bigger and higher grade ones at other stalls,  they tasted even better and so worth it! If you are planning to buy and can go one time, get the higher grade ones right away if budget permits. We flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur to taste these oysters! Kidding. But yes, It’s a must-do for us oyster lovers. They are super-expensive in Malaysia as they are flown from other region.

Address: 8 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris.

Opening hours: Thursday, 7am-2.30pm; Sunday, 7am-3pm.

oyster bastille market
Oysters anyone?
Palais Garnier Auditorium
Palais Garnier Auditorium

2. Palais Garnier

If you love opera or theatre or enjoy to marvel at rich, French Baroque interior, you might want to consider including this into your Paris plan, and try to secure an Opera (or ballet) ticket. This building is situated not far from Boulevard Haussmann. So, if you are planning to go to La Fayette of Printemp, you might want to do it before or after this Opera as they are nearby.

Since I love watching opera and theater, visiting this opera hall is a dream came true. Another reason I went was because l’m always fascinated with the story and music of Phantom of The Opera, and this was his ‘home’. My first experience watching opera concert was more than a decade ago, a Budapest operetta orchestra theater when they performed in Malaysia.

In my humble opinion, it doesn’t matter what is the language the singers sing, it’s as long as you can feel the strong emotion and enjoyed the music and entire performance. I didn’t get to catch any performance on this trip.
I joined the in-house tour, that comprise of a visit to the opera hall, the library, the grand staircase where the former French aristocrat ‘parade’ to be seen, grand foyer which looks like a mini version of foyer in Versailles, and all other public areas. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Check here for more information about Palais Garnier operating time, ticket price and showtime.

Palais Garnier
Outside of ‘Palais Garnier’

3. Angelina Paris in Rue de Rivoli

Came here for the hot chocolate and mont blanc. So on this trip, we add one more new dessert to try on top of mont blanc and hot chocolate.  This dessert escapade become our brunch or lunch. Angelina that we went is at Rue de Rivoli.

Location: 226, Rue de Rivoli . Opening hours 7.30AM – 7PM


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Grande Arche of Paris La Defense


4. La Defense Business District

Paris La Defense is Europe’s largest purpose-built business district with many modern high-rise building,  malls, and beautiful esplanade. After days of visiting Paris city centre around the River Seine, it’s nice to get away and take a break in a modern-looking district.  If you love architecture, you might enjoy visiting La Defence.

How to get there: Metro Line 1 from anywhere in Paris in the direction of La Defense. Get off the Metro at Esplanade de la Defense if you want to walk up the esplanade. Otherwise take the the metro to La Defense which will take you to the Grand Arch de la Defense. Click here for more details how to get there from Paris city center.

Apple Store Les Quatre Temps
Apple Store at Les Quatre Temps La Defense

5. Malls in La Defense

Besides visiting attraction and local markets, I love to visit places where the local live or work like their  malls / Tech / Business / Legislative and Administrative Centres, just to have a taste of living in that particular city. The two malls that I went in La Defense were CNIT & Les Quatre Temps.  Favourite store in CNIT is Decathlon. While in Les Quatre Temps, is Hema, Apple store and the supermarkets ^__^


6. Decathlon Store in Madeline & CNIT

My favourite Decathlon store is in CNIT, because of the store size. Another favourite Decathlon store that we went is in Madeilene, just next to Madeiline metro. Check the locations and opening hours of Decathlon stores around Paris here.


7. Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg or the Luxembourg Garden of Paris is one of Paris’ most popular parks. With free admission, this is one of Paris’s best deals!  Filled with beautiful gardens, flowers of lots of colours blooming even in the autumn with autumn foliage, rows of statues of former French Queens and other noblewomen, fountains, and lined pathways, it is a nice break from of all the hustle and bustle of the city centre. I learnt that the types of flowers here are changed according to seasons, to ensure there are suitable flowers can bloom throughout the year. That already fascinates me.

Location:  6th arrondissement, between the Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarte. 

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8. Eiffel Tower

If you are visiting Paris, don’t miss the Eiffel light show! Eiffel light show happens everyday, starting after sundown. Hence it starts as late as 11.30PM in the summer and as early as 5.30PM in the winter. There are shows at every hour, that last for a magical 5 minutes.

Lourve Museum
Musee du Lourve at night

9. The Lourve Museum

The museum is huge, so it’s best to have a floor plan, and plan what you want to see. Probably spread the museum visit to a few days, or trips. During our first time and second in Paris, we only managed to cover a few sections and collections, as we didn’t have enough time and spent more time outside. So, we visited the museum again.

On another note, while the museum is a great discovery on its own, it’d be a pity if you spend too much time  indoor as there’re so much to explore outside, plus Paris city is beautiful. So, plan your time. Check the opening hours, advance ticket booking and floor plan here.

Paris La Fayette
Dome at La Fayette concourse

10. Boulevard Haussmann Shopping Area.

We went strolling, and enjoy the lavish interior and exterior. Went into Galaries La Fayette and Printemps.

11. Champs-Élysées

Just strolling, enjoying our Paris evening and Paris vibe. People watching and with the sight of Arc de Triomphe.

12. Jardin Du Tuileries

Best combined before or after visiting Lourve Museum. Free admission.

Opening hours:

7:30 am – 7:30 pm, from the last Sunday in September to the last Sunday in March

7 am – 9 pm, from the last Sunday in March to the last Saturday in September

13. Stroll along the Seine


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  1. Paris is everyone’s dream destination, great to read your trip details. Loving all shots but fave is here the pic of Oyster and Musee du Lourve. 🙂

    • Nina Reply

      Thanks Nafisa. Glad to know that you liked and find it beneficial. Paris is indeed a dream came true ♥️

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