I had a business trip to Singapore recently  and had the chance to stay at Marina Bay Sands. I stayed at tower 1 Premier room. Was supposed to stay at deluxe room. Despite the hotel is huge with over one thousand rooms, the deluxe rooms were all fully booked on our dates. Really amazed. 

Marina Bay Sands Review – The Room

Our rooms were at the first tower with garden view. If you are here at Marina Bay for a vacation, and if you have the option to choose, I suggest to get rooms at Tower two or Tower three, for the more sought after city view.  When it comes to work purpose I guess any rooms is okay as long as there is wifi connectivity.  The premier room square footage is really large, there is a bath tub and a pair of double sink, not that I need them on this stay though, I wish I had the time.

Marina Bay Sands Review
Garden View
Marina Bay Sands Deluxe Room
Large Premier Room
Work station for 3 days. This is where I was until 4 AM
Marina Bay Sands Review
Bath Area

The Casino

I managed to squeeze some time to have a look at the casino. I was just curious, as in Malaysia, Muslims are not allowed to enter the casino. Everybody can enter in Singapore, and I was already in the Marina Bay. So I just had to see, no harm seeing right. The security officers do a bag check and scan the guest ID or passports, so if you plan to enter, bring your ID along. I thought, there you go, my electronic passport now has historical data that I entered a casino. You know, I actually imagined the casino will be something like in Vegas – not! 😉 . My colleague said, the casino looks more like those in Genting and Macau. 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel highlights – The SkyPark

I find that the lobby area tend to be always swarmed with people.  Probably because the hotel opens the SkyPark to public (with a fee) so there are many visitors besides the hotel guest through out the day and night . It is also definitely the hotel highlights, for the swanky infinity pool. There is also a mall on the same building with the hotel, hence probably another reason why the lobby can be crowded.

Marina Bay Sands Review
Infinity Pool at Sky Park

If you are planning to stay at MBS, I recommend to book a few months in advance.  Though they have many room (thousand!), the hotel has a very high occupancy rate. They were full house until my third day! Again, just amazed. 


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