Low carb paleo eating is not just a diet. It’s a lifestyle that not only make me feel slender and feel healthy, but  I can also feel the positive effect it has on my skin and daily energy level. My skin looks better, there is no afternoon energy slump, and less sluggish feeling. Today I’m going to share with you how I started this journey. I started recently, about 4 months ago, when I had to change almost my entire wardrobe!

Previous Lifestyle

If you have read my old posting, you’ll see that I’m a gym addict. When I’m at gym, I joined BodyCombatclasses, BodyPump, BodyJam, yoga, pilates, BodyBalance, or Zumba. Sometime I  work out my own. I’ve been relatively active my entire life- from primary I was active in Taekwondo, throughout high school and until in the university, represented school and college. I jog almost everyday, swimming, netball and other sports. And as you know what people say. When somebody who’s active like this stop being active they just pile on the bulk easily.

The Reason – The Lifestyle Change

About four years ago, I began to slow down on my workout routine and I didn’t take care of my food intake, due to busy schedule. Food has always been my indulgence, like a quick ‘getaway’. Then about two years ago, I had to eventually stop my gym routine due to scoliosis. As a result after the never ending comfort food, and zero exercises, I came to a point where my weight started to increase. When it increase, it just never stop increasing at a regular rate. Number on the scale is just a number though, I was more concerned about added-inch at that time. The added weight was not a lot yet (added 4 kilograms, became 55kg), but the added inches caused me to change almost my entire wardrobe.

The Ultimatum – 20:80 Rule & Low Carb Paleo

It didn’t take me long to be aware that I need to do something about it. Hence I tried to apply the 20:80 rule I read or saw somewhere on internet , where twenty percent of effort will go to exercise and eighty percent effort in food. For exercise, I do scolio-pilates from YouTube ( I love Jessica Valant workout by the way!), I use staircase when I can and when I have the time, and I also clean the house much more frequent than I used to – vacuuming, mopping more often 🙂

So that was how I started. I was utterly determine to get back in shape and be healthier that I never had any cheat days or treat days for the first three months. First, I started with  Atkins diet, followed by low-carb diet, then switched to low-carb Paleo diet. Basically I change my eating style as my physical or weight target progress. At the beginning, I followed all steps thoroughly and count my macros.  After a while as I get used to the new eating style, I could estimate things in my head.

Check out these videos which are two of my favourite scolio-pilates workout. Enjoy! xx, Nina.


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