It was the last day of Pulau Lang Tengah Trip, we started the day early at 5.30am to see sunrise 45 minutes away by hiking. Only Ayu, Ahtuck, two of our host and me joined. One of our host- Crab suggested to walk by the coastline to get to the watching point, and the path is covered with huge rocks. That way was quicker than the 45 minutes trekking via the jungle. We chose this option to get there faster.

Ayu and I wore flip flop, so it was kinda challenging to climb in almost dark surrounding, plus the slippery rocks at the bottom, and the larger rock were, well… high! We had to become a ‘spiderwomen’! We managed. At least our hosts who guided us brought a torchlight (note: must bring item to island next time). Really enjoyed the hike. I was sweating like crazy, even more than my gym session. What a good work out… That Ayu and I were thinking that we should go hiking or rock climbing when we return to Kuala Lumpur.

At 6.30-ish AM, we reached the sunrise watching point, that facing Redang island. Felt unreal seeing the sunrise view with dewy, fresh early morning island air blanketing us. Made waking up at 5 AM and the challenging hike up the rocky side of the beach worth sacrificing an hour sleep.

pulau lang tengah
Amazing sunrise from Lang Tengah Island, facing Redang Island

Walking back was rather easy as we use jungle route for the first half of the journey, and the rocky route on the second half of the journey.

malaysia hiking
Almost reach the resort from our early morning hike

Breakfast was at 8 AM. Don the dive instructor, offered to guide us to snorkel later, just in front of the resort. I think that was the best snorkeling trip, even better than the previous days snorkeling excursion. Yes, you got to get the person who knows the surrounding ocean to guide you isn’t it. We completed our water activities at 10.30 AM, and hang out for the last time at the dive centre. At 12 PM, we had to get ready to check out. Really sad. We took a farewell photo with our kind host and finally left the island at 1.15 PM.

d'coconut lagoon
Farewell photo at the D’Coconut Lagoon Resort dive center
boat transfers to merang
Getting on the boat at the island jetty

Activities at Kuala Terengganu

After reaching Merang jetty, we headed to Pasar Payang, a market in Kuala Terengganu. I didn’t buy anything. Neither look around nor sight seeing, just followed the group around. I  was very tired and sleepy. Imagine when you slept late the night before and woke up at 5.30 AM, went to a 3o minutes challenging hike in the dark passing the slippery rocks with flip flop,  then went jungle trekking, then went snorkeling under the scorching hot sun, photoshoot under the hot sun, all in six hours. I don’t know where did I get all the energy. Bet it was adrenaline. Island adrenaline. Heh. And I don’t know how Ahtuck and Ayu got the energy too, they both slept much later than and were up early too. Yes, adrenaline.

At 5.30 PM we took a cab to the airport and our return flight was at 8.30 PM. What a great three days full of activities and adventure!

P/s: Some of the pictures here are courtesy of Ahtuck and some are mine. Check out Ahtuck’s Flickr site to see his amazing work. If you wish to use any of his photo, kindly do credit him. Thank you for visiting and reading! xx



  1. You memang. Seriously I ingat you tendang pintu tu… pukul 5am..kejutkan for sunrise… hahaha rupanyer pukul 8 ye… hahahahahah

  2. Sorry! Kesian you! Mesti tekejut. Next time kalau kite ade pegi holiday sama lagi, I kejut slow2 okkk 😉

  3. *Two thumbs up*
    Review yg baik harap attracts people to PLT.
    Eh, manjanye nak kena ketuk pintu slowly…sape tu? Bole berkenalan hehehe

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