Our first activity on day 2 of Lang Tengah Island trip was watching sunrise in-front of the resort – not the most recommended spot though. The recommended spot required us to make a move at 5.45am to a location 45 mins away, reachable by hiking via thin jungle. We chose the latter, as 5.45am seems to be too early for our vacation day. So lazy missus! ^_^.

So,we climbed the highest rock in front of our resort. It is just a short one, but it is the highest rock there. If you are going to D’Coconut Lagoon Resort, I recommend to go for the first option.  We eventually did on next day (story here).

Terengganu island sunset
Sunrise view in  front of the resort
The customary must-do dragon ball pose!

How the Trip Started and Why We Chose Lang Tengah Island

Before I continue, I would like to share how the trip was initiated. It was rather interesting as we did not plan to visit this island at the first place. It started when Azura and I wanted to finish our previous year leave, where we had to finish them by March. We planned to go to Redang island in Terengganu, as it is a good option other than Langkawi, that is not far from Kuala Lumpur, less than an hour flight, hence suitable for just a weekend, plus one work day off.

Azura contacted her friend, Kemal, who has been to Redang before. Kemal then told us that we should check out a link he shared before we make any decision.

D Coconut Lagoon
View from my room, photo took with my Sony camera. Beautiful isn’t it.

When we saw the photos, we were smitten by the view. The island was apparently Lang Tengah, not far from Redang. We agreed that we should go there when we learn that the island is relatively secluded and smaller than Redang and Perhentian, and has only three resorts operating at that time, means there is less crowd (note: and less facilities). The state of Terengganu actually has many islands.  The island package provided by D’Coconut Lagoon Resort also meets our budget (Our budget was in the range of RM400-500). Kemal and Azura invited Ayu, and one couple-  Ija, and Ahtuck, and everybody agreed to join. We corresponded via email for the trip. I negotiated with my boss to extend my carried leave to another month, and finally it was final to do the trip in April. Oh happiness.

Our Other Activities on Day Two Morning

We had our breakfast at 7.30am. Then went to west wing at around 9am. The plan was to walk to Blue Coral Resort (the resort which has closed it’s operation) and we had to go via west wing.

d'coconut lagoon resort
Walking to another the resort west wing via this track

I thoroughly enjoyed walking at this resort, as the trek was just nice for a leisure nature walk- not thick at all yet plenty to see. If you are micro-photo enthusiast, there are a lot of micro shots opportunities on flora and fauna.

More Stunning Spots for Photography

After passing the west wing, we went to the beach area and walked until Lang Sari Resort. We hit a dead end. We couldn’t find a way to go to Blue Coral Resort and did not want to take a risk not knowing where to start, and where we would end up to be on island with limited facilities, so we turned around. On the way back, we stopped at a few beautiful spots to take photos.

d'coconut lagoon resort
Relax at this swing and hammock at the resort west wing
lang tengah island
Beautiful backdrop for a group photo

At 11am, we went snorkeling at Turtle Bay (on our own, not by the resort excursion). If you are here, when you face the sea at East Wing swimming pool, then Turtle Bay is on your left hand side. Seriously, there was nothing much at Turtle Bay. Snorkeling right in front of east wing was better (we did that on third day, story here). So you can skip it.

Fun Afternoon Activities

After snorkeling, we returned to our room, took a bath and had lunch.  Was so hungrehhh. It was a rather long lunch session, where we sat at dining hall until 2.30pm. Then, got back to the room, rest  and got ready for snorkeling excursion at 3.30pm.

D coconut lagoon
Pool view from dining hall at east wing

This time the snorkeling was not too great, as we were brought to the same location as the day before. Anyways, we still happily jumped off the boat, have fun swimming and snorkeling. It was a short one as compared to the day before, as another new group wanted to quickly go back to the resort for some matters probably. Kemal and Ija were patient though they were sea sick.  We requested the driver to go back via another route, different from first day, just to see more of the island.

More Stunning Sunset Photos at D’Coconut Lagoon Resort

Once we arrived at the resort, we went to the west wing again because we love it there! Jumped into the infinity pool. Again! Then we stayed until sunset to take more photos.

d coconut lagoon
Sunset at the beach at west wing
d coconut lagoon
Sunset silhuette

Day Two Post-Dinner Activities – One of the Trip Highlights!

Later we figured that the shop at Redang Lang Resort will be opened until midnight. It’s the only shop on this island, so Don, our host brought us there. We went via west wing, and passed Lang Sari Resort. Then we had to get into the resort area, and pass another jungle. It was one hundred percent complete darkness. I held Azura’s hand all the way. Azura kept pulling and tugging on Don’s shirt, no wonder he kept saying over and over agin “kejap lagi sampai” or, “dah nak sampai ni”, “sikit je lagi”. (means “we’re almost there!”)

d coconut
Chillax after dinner at dining hall, with our host / resort dive master

Then we reached Blue Coral Resort. I thought it was kinda scary because almost the entire resort was dark, only  one or two rooms with lights on, as there was somebody guarding. After passing Blue Coral Resort, we got into another trek and finally exit the jungle and enter a beach area.

After a short walk we reached Redang Lang Resort. My goodness, Redang Lang was noisy! Thankful that D’coconut was quiet and calm. If anyone is making a lot of noise, the patrolling staff will escort that person to the beach. So if you like it happening, then Redang Lang is probably the place to stay. If you like it calm and quiet, I recommend D’Coconut Lagoon.

d coconut lagoon
Marching in the dark towards the only shop on the island. Ladies and shop – what can I say! :DD

After getting some souvenirs, we made our way back to the D’coconut. Walking back felt quite fast!  The night was still early. So we climbed the rock in-front of our resort (sunrise location this morning) just lay and gazed to the sky. You can see the Milky Way cluster of stars incredibly clear from this island, far far away from light pollution.  We even saw shooting stars.  I made a wish, but could not remember what exactly did I wish for, I tried to put so many wishes that I could think of.

I slept at 12.30am. The next day had to wake up by 5.45am to go sunrise watching. Excited for the next day but tried to suppress them so I could sleep :-).

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