I have always wanted to do a foodie trip to enjoy authentic Thai food in Thailand. A few months prior to this trip, I learnt that seventy percent of food in Hat Yai is halal, that I quickly decided to go to Hat Yai. Usually, I’ll go for vegetarian or seafood when I cannot find halal food when traveling. So with Hat Yai, I can enjoy more option and have a real Thai food experience!

There were five members of the trip, all ladies. One was our personal ‘tour guide’, whom I got to know from my husband’s college alumni. So husband’s approved! ūüôā

The Bus Journey From Kuala Lumpur To Hat Yai

Mode of transportation for this trip was absolutely different from my other trips.  I went by bus ( from the new Terminal Bersepadu Selatan РTBS (Southern Integrated Terminal). Heh, new to me :). It has been years since I use bus for long-hour travel, and it was the first time I went to TBS. Kuala Lumpur main bus station was previously located at Jalan Pudu, and a few bus operators operate from other terminal in Kuala Lumpur. Now, TBS is the main bus terminal in the country.


The journey started at 11 PM and took about nine to ten hours. Considering the bus stopped at many locations, the journey could be shorter if we stop lesser. By the time I woke up, discovered that I almost reach the border.


KL Hatyai By Bus
Location at 03.36AM MYT

I brought my earplug, sleep mask, fleece socks, and fleece jacket, plus the bus’ fleece blanket and it’s premier seating¬†arrangement helped passengers to sleep. They also provide free WIFI connectivity. The bus stopped at 6am in Changlun for breakfast. I had steaming hot nasi lemak wrapped in daun pisang. Changlun is the final stop for most buses operators going up-north crossing the border. I began to see some¬†Thai handwriting there.


Getting into Thailand

When I notice the messy ¬†roadside power cables and Thai handwriting roadsigns, I knew I were¬†in Thailand. I couldn’t help but ¬†just smile when I saw a large road sign- Tesco Lotus. When I was in Samui trip a few years back, which¬†was also the first time I travelled to Thailand, Tesco Lotus was the first place I went right after checking in into the hotel. In Malaysia, Tesco is just ‘Tesco’.

The procedures at the border, both Malaysia and Thai immigration was¬†smooth sailing. We didn’t queue for long and no two-ringgit note drama. I often heard that we will have to insert an RM2 into¬†our passport to pass the¬†Thai border. Nope in our case.

The Advantages of Traveling to Hat Yai from Kuala Lumpur By Bus

The thing about travelling by bus to Hat Yai from Kuala Lumpur, it has advantages in term of timing besides being more economical, as compared to train or air -travel. Especially for Malaysian that cannot take any leave from work where the timing was just nice from Friday after work to early Monday morning for a two days two nights weekend getaway Рhence the reason I stick to this option. All in all, this journey was a pleasant travel experience for a first-timer from Kuala Lumpur to Thai by land. Stories for the rest of the trip shall be continued.

Transportation Summary

Bus Operator: Alisan Golden Coach (overnight)

Ticket Price: RM65 (return)

Duration: About 10 hours including multiple stopover (pickup other passenger once, multiple toilet breaks, breakfast break, and two immigration checkpoint)

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