My body is aching so much! Yesterday, I joined a back-to-back BodyJam and BodyCombat class at the gym. The gym I go is Fitness First Malaysia. Initially I planned to go to only BodyJam class. Then there was BodyCombat class afterwards, I just had to join.

What is BodyJam?

BodyJam is an additive fusion of dance and aerobic moves, using the latest sounds of hip hop, funk and Latin music together with the latest chart stopping hits (definition from Les Mills).

BodyJam is introduced by Les Mills International. Les Mills exercises include BodyCombat, BodyAttack, BodyBalance, BodyPump, and a few more. (a.k.a Group Exercises). Basically, Les Mills International choreograph the moves for all these classes. Any gym operators that want to use Les Mills exercises, must apply to Les Mills International, and the gym operator must comply to certain requirement set by them and they must get the qualified instructors to conduct these classes.

bodyjam fitness first malaysia
Bodyjam Halloween Theme Class
Halloween Theme at the gym

Many times, the gym or the instructor will annouce that there is a theme class. Most of themes are celebration based – like the Chinese New Year, Christmas, Aidilfitri, Deepavali. Sometimes based on campaigns like the breast cancer awareness campaign where members will wear pink. Sometime, the theme is just for fun, like lets wear blue for next class, or lets be superhero!

BodyJam Tracks and Release

There are new releases every quarter. Not only for BodyJam, but all GX (GX is short for Group Exercises). So, even if we go to BodyJam class everyday, we will not be bored as there are may releases. Sometime instructors combine moves from different releases. As in like this:

First track: warm-up track- may be warm up track from release 51

Second track: from release 48

Third track: from release 53

Forth track: from release 45

Fifth track….

Sixth and so forth…

And the last track:  warm down track from release 52. There are breaks in between tracks btw. Total exercise time approx 45-50 minutes. The songs in Bodyjam are oh-so-awesome! Song list over here, girls and boys 😀

How I Rate this Workout

If you were to ask me, how would I rate BodyJam in term if difficulty, impact (impact to your muscles and joints), intensity (the pace), here is my rating. Based on how steak is cooked

  1. Rare = light/low
  2. medium-rare =  light but a bit on the medium side,
  3. medium= average
  4. medium well= medium but a bit on the high side = medium-high
  5. well done= high

Difficulty: 3.0            Impact: 3.5            Intensity: 3.5 (relatively lower than BodyCombat)

Are You Wondering If It Is Suitable For You

Here is my take. This workout is suitable for beginners up to advance. As for me, I consider myself a beginner as I do not know how to dance. If I dance, you will act as if you do not know me! However, if you were to ask me to do punches, kicking, I surely know how to do them. If you ask me to dance, I’ll be all ‘chicken-leg’. After a year of joining the gym, and only join the BodyCombat and BodyBalance group classes (or sometime I workout on my own, and don’t join class), I wanted to try joining BodyJam .  Then I thought, hey, anyone can actually do this, no pre-requisite, you do not have to know how to dance! It is essentially an aerobic class! But this class is full of attitude that go along with the music, you know what I mean… 😉 The songs are awesome too. Generally, you have to try and see if this class works for you or not.

Okay, thats all about BodyJam that I think I could share. Enjoy these BodyJam videos, and good night! xx

Mix track from BodyJam 52

Where’s Your Head At Track from BodyJam48



  1. K.Nina, i mmg suke tau benda mcm gini.. dulu masa kat Skudai, ada satu kedai ni buat ala2 body combat, tapi a bit slower, itupun dah abis syokk.. wahhh, how i wish benda ni ada kuching masa i dah settle down kat sana…

  2. Mimah, welcome to this blog! Yang tu rasanye Taerobic. A fusion of Taekwondo and Aerobic. Masa Taekwondo club kat uni, ade buat, suka! Kat Kuching ade Fitness First kan 😀 Ya, hope by the time you come back dah ada macam-macam!

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