The other day I’ve promised to write about BodyCombat. BodyCombat is introduced by LesMills too. It combines Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Kickboxing and TaekwonDo moves. Like BodyJam class, BodyCombat also has a warm-up track, warm down, and etc… the small differences are, at the end of the workout, there are various core workout like sit-ups, push-up and planking. Finally, ended by stretching and Kata (like Pattern or Taegyuk moves in TaekwonDo). I join this class at the gym that I regularly go, Fitness First. You can check out their classes schedule in timetable section at their website.

The Impact and Pace

In term of impact, I rate this work out as high impact, because there are a lot of lunges, jumping, kicking, punching, blocking, jab, strike, and hook – With force and energy. Imagine punching and kicking just for the sake of moving and coordinating your arms and legs without any forces or energy, then it willn’t be a combat moves . In term of difficulty level, I rate it as average- suitable for beginners, intermediate up to advance.

I did TaekwonDo  from ten years old until in university, so, may be I feel that the steps are natural to me as compared to other classes.  Coordination is not really hard, the challenging part is to keep up with the pace and intensity. In my opinion, BodyCombat is also the ultimate Less Mills Group Exercise option- either to loose weight or maintaining weight or to tone your body.

BodyCombat Demo

Here’s a video of BodyCombat demo for your review. It is just a demo- where many different moves from different tracks are combined,  they demo it for less than 5 minutes, and they made it look a bit artistic. See how the pace gradually change. I really like it! The moves are from the latest BodyCombat release.

The Ultimate Less Mills Group Exercise Option

I might be bias, however I am just sharing my opinion based on this experience. This might not be important but it’s great if we can delay this. What it is… Well, I always wondered how cellulite looks until one day I know how it looks, when I started to have it after about two years of zero martial art workout. Sobs. Hence, I think those kicks: side-kick, front-kick, back-kick, jumping-kick, chopping-kick and other martial art moves somehow helps!  I only stopped combat classes for about two years, then ’em cellulite started to appear! While I took a break from BodyCombat, I opt for BodyJam or Zumba. Checkout my post about BodyJam here.

On the other hand, our lifestyle, and eating habit may contribute to speed up or slowing down the formation of cellulite too of course.

Another reason why I say it is the ultimate GX workout is because of the pace and intensity. It is great for your metabolism and endurance. My take is – a three times a week of BodyCombat –  two thumbs up! It is even better if you go to BodyBalance class after BodyCombat. Usually, that is my routine. BodyBalance class is really relaxing and a great post-combat stretching and warm down. Alternative for BodyCombat are other martial arts like kick boxing or muay thai.

BodyCombat Intensive Routine Option

If you opt for BodyCombat as intensive workout, this is my suggestion:

Day 1:  BodyCombat, BodyBalance and weight exercises on your own

Day 2: Rest or do low impact exercises plus sauna/ steam

Day 3:  BodyCombat and BodyBalance

Day 4: Rest or do low impact exercises plus sauna/ steam

Day 5: BodyCombat and some weight exercises on your own

Day 6: Rest or do low impact exercises plus sauna/ steam

Day 7: Repeat

This is intensive option. If you want a summer-beach-bod  for example, try doing this for at least two weeks prior. Marvellous! Plus watch what you eat verrrry carefully – high protein, less carb, less calorie.  This routine helps to tone my legs, bum, arms, and tummy, based on my experience and routine. Do adjust to suit your work out routine.


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