About Me

The Story Behind Mon Petit World Blog

Traveling. It makes you speechless then turns you into a storyteller


Hi! I'm Nina, from Kuala Lumpur. I love traveling and blogging.

I started traveling back in year 2005. In 2009, I started to travel regularly and always planning my next destination, one after another. Hence, the theme of this blog. It covers my travel stories, travel tips that I personally use, what I learnt throughout my travels, and my other favourite topics in between travel like health and fitness. 

If you are like me in term of traveling style, then you might enjoy this blog.


My Traveling Style

Most of the time, I travel on budget and spend a bit more, once in a while if the option is a value-for-money. Generally, I am quite flexible in this sense, affordability and value-for-money is key - I have stayed in hostels, and budget guesthouse many times, bed and breakfast, to five stars resort with a personal butler (note: because the package was truly value-for-money of course).

When I travel, I tend to take my trips slowly, and don't rush from one place to another. I rarely go shopping during travel as I will fully utilise my budget for the trip. I'm also always on the lookout for discounts and secret deals. 

In past travels, there had been strangers I met on the road that helped me during my travels either by giving me a lift to places I was going or let me use facilities at their place. I am thankful for their kindness and generosity. People will help if we are genuine and ask them nicely. 


Who I Travel With

I started traveling with a group of friends. I did solo travel a few times. Nowadays, my travel is mostly with my spouse a.k.a my scuba buddy/ travel partner, especially for further and long period destinations. My husband and I also join group travels with our friends, especially for closer destinations. More people can commit on shorter and nearer getaway isn't it 😉. 


The Stat

The stat is not imperative. I believe that traveling is not just about accumulating numbers of destinations or ticking off the tourist attractions. It is more than that (though I do have my set of places that I want to see, God willing). For our ice-breaking :), I have travelled to 47 cities from 16 countries.There are also destinations that I love so so much that I keep going again and again. 

To me, traveling is about enjoying what I love during the travel, taking it slow, not to rush from one place to another. It can be about seeing new things or amazing beautiful views that will awe me. Or experience living like the local whenever I can. Or as simple as tasting in-season fruits, veggies and local produce in the market or enjoying the sound of foreign language wherever I go.

How I Started Traveling

Reminiscing my childhood days at home, I dreamt of exploring the universe and the world. I could be found sitting next to the book shelf reading encyclopedia about the moon, Milky Way, planets and sometime I 'read' the Atlas. There's abundant of information we can interpret from world Atlas. I 'evolved' into reading about countries around the world (but I still read Atlas, especially on weekends).

Fast forward - when most students in the hostel love reading novels or comics, I read encyclopedias about other countries and travel/ photography journals. I managed to influence some of my friends to read them 😄. The most memorable journal I read was about a group of Malaysian hiking the dangerous Nepal K2 Mountain. I could not put down the book. 

The dream to go on exploration and travels somehow diminished for quite a while when I got to know a boy, completed school, college and started working. The dream did not disappear for too long! It returned and grew after I went on a company trip, I thought how much I missed and wanted this before and I still want to do it. Since that, I began planning trips after trips and never look back!

Blogging and Me

As for blogging, I knew the blog world more than ten years ago, where I wrote my ideas. That was before my traveling journey began. Blogging is one of my favourite past time then and now. Now, this blog is the digital trail of my travels that I have always wanted to do. It is relatively new, being relaunched in 2017, to document all my previous and current travels and to share it with my readers. I most welcome any comments, suggestions and recommendations about my posts or how I can improve this blog. xx, Nina.