On day two in Hat Yai, we continued our foodie adventure while exploring the non-foodie places. For your information, I might skip some of the places if I go on my own and spent more time at the beach as I love beaches. However since this trip was with a group, I joined all of the itinerary.

If you are planning to go to Songkhla, I hope this review will help your planning.

1. Chang Puak Camp (Elephant Camp)

I skipped the elephant ride here, so I can’t give my own opinion about it, but I do enjoy watching other visitors playing and feeding the elephants. According to my friends, the elephant ride went through a beautiful trail. You’ll see more elephants inside, pass a pristine river, see baby elephants playing with their mother, and see them elephants playing with water by the river. They said one of the tourist was sprayed with water by the elephant she was riding. You will also pass a village where the actual elephant camp/ sanctuary resides with their caretakers and that place is also homes of their caretakers.

Why I skipped the elephant ride is because I don’t exactly support the operation of elephant camp. I enjoy observing the elephants, playing with them, but may be not ride them. But then, that is just me. I don’t have this same opinion long before this, in fact I’ve had elephant ride (and camel ride) before. I guess at some point some people like just have this sort of feeling.

2. Samila Beach

Samila beach has a longgg and  flat beach. Some part of the beach is full of trees and that’s nice for a picnic. I recommend you to ‘tapau’ (takeaway) food and drinks sold along the beach, and have a picnic! I didn’t have it on this trip as we didn’t have the time, but that’s my plan the next time I come to Songkhla.

Halal restaurant at samila beach
Our lunch at a halal restaurant at Samila Beach

One of the must-do in Samila beach is to see their iconic golden mermaid statue.

There are nice seafood restaurants further up. We had our lunch there, can’t remember the name, but it was one of the restaurants along a stretch of seafood restaurants by the beach. We chose a table outside, at a bamboo hut facing the sea. Love it.

3. Cable Car Ride & Songkhla Lookout Point

To get to the cable car, you need to get to Songkhla lookout point at the Standing Buddha statue. From this lookout point you can see a panoramic view of the city. We went further up to the Elephant Temple by cable car. The cable car ride is shorter and not as high as the one in Langkawi, but with the Standing Buddha Statue on the hill looking towards the city, and when you are at higher point, the view can be quite dramatic. However I think its enough to see it once and I might skip it if I come to Hat Yai again, and I will probably stay at the beach longer 😀

JJCM Hatyai
The dramatic panoramic view of the city from the upper cable car station

Return to Lee Garden

At about 4 PM, we returned to Lee Garden for a free and easy activity. On the way back with our tuk-tuk, we saw a souvenir shop, so we stopped and I bought a few bottles of halal tom yum paste. At Lee Garden, all of us tapau some food for dinner. Finally to 7-Eleven to finish my small change. Bought some snacks and drinks that are not available in Malaysia.

That was the end of the trip. We walked from Lee Garden to our bus service provider office. They have a bathroom to freshen up, and WIFI connectivity we could use while waiting for our bus.

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